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We set the tone for the evening with a stunning entrance that captivated guests from the moment they arrived. The entrance featured hanging dream catchers and drapes around the pillars, creating an ethereal ambience. The entrance desk was adorned with drapes, seamlessly integrating into the overall theme. Additional drapes at the entrance further enhanced the welcoming atmosphere.

Members Club

In the Members Club, we installed a beautiful arch that served as a focal point, inviting guests into the exclusive area. Above the bar, drapes added a touch of sophistication, while the seating area was enhanced with carefully placed drapes to create a cosy and luxurious environment.


The staircase was transformed into a breathtaking feature with drapes elegantly arranged around it. This installation not only added visual interest but also guided guests smoothly from one level to the next, maintaining the continuity of the event's theme.

Main Bar

The main bar area was a highlight of our installation. We adorned the bar with drapes, creating a sense of grandeur and intimacy. Large floral arrangements complemented the drapes, adding vibrant touches of colour to the predominantly white decor. The seating area at the main bar was also enhanced with drapes, ensuring that every corner of the space was aligned with the event's sophisticated aesthetic.

Main Restaurant

The main restaurant was transformed into a dreamy walkway with hanging drapes and dream catchers. This installation created a whimsical and inviting path for guests to follow. The back of the main restaurant was also adorned with hanging drapes, ensuring that every part of the venue exuded elegance and charm.

Our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensured that Coya's La Noche Blanca was an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Each installation piece was thoughtfully designed to enhance the beauty and sophistication of this special event, making it a night to remember.

Every year, Coya hosts their annual White Party, La Noche Blanca, a spectacular evening to mark the beginning of summer. This year, we had the pleasure of creating a sophisticated and celebratory atmosphere for their event. Our installations added a touch of elegance and enchantment to this exclusive event, enhancing the experience for all guests throughout the night.

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