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Duck & Waffle

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At the heart of our collaboration, we crafted a mesmerising photo wall, adorned with vibrant yellow and purple stems, interspersed with green foliage. This dynamic not only served as a visually captivating backdrop for event photography but also encapsulated the essence of Camin Cargo's signature colours with floral decoration.

To enhance the ambience, we strategically placed meadows of carefully curated flowers around the DJ setup. The natural hues of yellow and purple blossoms intertwined with the fresh greenery created an enchanting atmosphere, setting the perfect stage throughout the evening.

We continued to boast the harmonious blend of yellow and purple blooms with a unique welcome sign and symmetrical urn arrangements. These installations served as focal points, infusing the spaces with a natural and inviting allure that resonated with Camin Cargo capturing the essence of the event and leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

For a recent event hosted by Camin Cargo at Duck & Waffle and Sushi Samba, our team executed stunning installations that seamlessly blended floral artistry with the brand's identity.

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