Popular Dried Flower Bouquets For This Christmas Season

Popular Dried Flower Bouquets For This Christmas Season

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Christmas is fast approaching, and there is no better time to do your shopping! This year, go eco-friendly and buy sustainable Christmas Gifts that last for years. Offered in various packaging, sizing, and colours, flowers sold here are the ultimate choice for all. So, when did the tradition of Christmas gift-giving start?

Giving and receiving gifts is an ancient ritual dating back to the early Christian Christmas feast. In ancient Rome, giving gifts occurred around the same time as the winter solstice in December.

Enchanting dried flowers, ethical Christmas presents
Flower for Christmas decorating the table

With Christianity spreading worldwide, people began giving presents on New Year's Day. When December 25th became established as Jesus' birthday, people started giving gifts. So, which gifts to give this year, you may ask? Eco-sustainable flowers!

Dried flowers are the way to ethical Christmas presents. They offer a symbolic gesture and express different feelings for an individualised gift. Here is a list of the top five flowers for this festive season! So sit back, relax, and keep reading.

A Christmas Special

Delve into the festive spirit with the elegant Collection of Christmas Flowers. Available in many displays, colours, and bouquets, they are the eco-sustainable way to go. The range features two enchanting assortments: our Winter Forest and White Wonderland Bouquets. Each range includes large, medium, and jar sizes. Since no Christmas décor is complete with a Wreath, each range encompasses a magical Wreath.

Fragrant dried flowers in a set of dapper glass jars
Winter Forest Bouquets in Glass Jars

Because everyone has a unique taste, each selection is accessible with great colours, ranging from traditional to a more vintage style.

Earth Fusion Flowers

With the weather getting colder, some can feel down during this time of year. And what better uplifting gift is there than an assortment of revitalising flowers? The Rustic Meadow Bouquet is the ultimate choice for a 'pick-me-up' present for a friend.

Embellished with energising earth-toned tints, this bouquet of dried flowers will denote many optimistic meanings. The colours communicate energy, new beginnings, and good health. With this bouquet in the room, you will escape into a relaxing meadow with one glimpse of these elegant dried flowers that are inspired by nature and wilderness. This bouquet is an excellent Christmas gift to decorate any room space.

Flowers That Are Like Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Gather around the fireplace and Journey into a summer day with the Fallen Leaves Bouuet, inspired by autumnal colours like red and yellow that connote happiness, optimism, and energy. we designed this floral arrangement to bring tranquillity and joy during the Christmas Holidays.

Fallen Leaves Large Dried Flower Bouquet
Fallen Leaves Bouquet

Choose these flowers for a friend or family to create a welcoming environment. Accessible in four sizes, opt for the jars for a mesmerising centrepiece display.

Vintage Oasis Flowers

If it's a timeless vintage design you are after, look no further than the Bleached Haze range—wonder in a frosted winter land with these illuminating blooms. Inspired by everything natural and classic, this bouquet is everything you need for any occasion. The addition of dapper Peacock flowers will allow these blossoms to stand out and catch all eyes. The white shade symbolises a white Christmas, balance, clarity, and purity.

Large Bleached Haze Dried Flower Bouquet with 3 Large White Infinity Roses.
Bleached Haze Bouquet

They also come in various bouquets and sizes to suit all. Consider them as an elegant addition to a minimalist Christmas table décor or as a house staple to be enjoyed by all.

A Luxurious Addition

For a minimal holiday design, choose the Lilac Skies Bouquet. Inspired by Lavender fields, this bouquet will offer a springtime atmosphere amidst the winter chill. The colour characterises nurture, making it an idyllic gift for a mother. It also stimulates and offers religious sentiments, making this bouquet an ideal Christmas Gift.

Pick the large-size option for a more powerful portrayal of warm-hearted expressions. Like all our forever flowers, this luxury bouquet of dried flowers will last at least one year and can last as long as three years if kept away from direct sunlight and air conditioning outlets.

We Can Deliver Your Christmas Flowers Anywhere in the World

These beautiful forever flowers are produced using a unique preservation method. What is better is that they require little care, with only subtle dusting from time to time. Since not everyone can spend the holidays with loved ones, a gift is a captivating way to show love.

So, send flowers anywhere in the World to show gratitude and love to those you hold close and live far away.

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