Luxury in all colours, shapes, and materials: a guide to choosing Earth Friendly Flowers

Luxury in all colours, shapes, and materials: a guide to choosing Earth Friendly Flowers

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Over the years, giving roses has become the perfect gesture. It expresses your true feelings and lets someone special know you think of them. In addition, these forever roses can remind those who receive them of your emotions for years.

Offered here is a rich selection of earth friendly flowers embedded into high-quality packages. Each composition is made to order for you, to make for the most luxurious and unique gift, no matter the occasion.

Follow this guide to choose the proper rose arrangements for your loved ones or yourself. You will learn about the meaning behind the colours of the roses and the shapes of the hatboxes available.

1. Pick a Shape and Size for Your Arrangement

Forever Roses in a hatbox are the signature floral arrangement. Luxurious roses come in classic hatboxes, suede hatboxes, clear acrylic boxes and more.

Each infinity rose is a crafted composition to order. That way, you can customise your unique gift with a personal touch by choosing among various box shapes.

You can pick your preferred box and select your favourite colour. That will create a unique combination.

High-quality handmade boxes will complement the marvellous infinity roses perfectly. So you will have a luxurious experience. The arrangements are available in a square or round shape and come in many sizes.

These arrangements are currently available in the following sizes:

Sustainable Flower Arrangements in Black Square

You can select your box shape to communicate different messages and emotions like colours and numbers.

Geometric shapes, straight lines and angles usually symbolise organisation and familiarity. On the other hand, circles and curves, with their softer form, usually represent community, love, unity and perfection.

The Square

The square is traditionally considered to represent solidity and stability, as it is impossible to imagine a square shape being easily distorted. For this reason, this shape may feel exceptionally reassuring.

Furthermore, the four sides of the square can symbolise the four cardinal points, the four seasons, the cosmic elements (the sun, the moon, the stars, and planets) or even the four main elements (air, earth, fire, and water).

The Circle

Rounded shapes tend to convey a positive emotional message of harmony and protection. The round shape is often used to represent unity, commitment, community or love.

Due to its graceful continuous line, a circle gives a sense of completeness and grace. Moreover, being the shape of life-giving elements, like the sun and moon, processes have become symbolic of the life-cycle and have a sacred quality.

2. Pick Your Box Material

This packaging is luxurious craftwork available in various materials, including fully recycled and recyclable cardboard, elegant brushed suede, and acrylic. Thanks to the vast selection of materials, you can easily personalise any luxurious arrangement for all occasions.

Tender Earth Friendly Flowers presented in a unique acrylic box, signifying love at first sight
Captivating Pink Rose in Acrylic Box

Earth Friendly Flowers in a Hatbox

The rigid cardboard boxes are the ideal packaging to complement your beautiful Infinity roses in a hatbox. Round and square hatboxes are an equally luxurious and environmentally-conscious option, available in a large, medium, small, and single-rose size. The luxurious hatboxes will help your Earth Friendly Flowers maintain their gorgeous look for as long as three years.

Suede Boxes

If you prefer, you can opt for the sophisticated round suede boxes, available in three sizes: extra-large, large, and medium. Suede, from the French phrase gants de Suède, literally "gloves from Sweden", is one of the most elegant materials and will enhance the beauty of your opulent roses.

Acrylic Jewellery Box

You can shop lush roses in your favourite colour, arranged in high-quality acrylic jewellery boxes. These stunning versatile boxes are perfect for displaying your Earth Friendly Flowers and storing jewellery, watches, and other accessories. Rose acrylic jewellery boxes are clear, black, and white and elegant satin ribbon.

3. Choose the Right Colour for Your Arrangement

These handcrafted sustainable flower arrangements come in various colours, each holding a specific meaning. Colour symbolism can influence people's emotions in different ways. Choosing the right colour for your rose box will give your gift a deep significance and show that you know and deeply care about the person who receives it. Shades provide a visual expression of personalities and emotions. Traditions have also created associations of colours, feelings and moods.

Timeless Earth Friendly Flowers  shown in a sophisticated grey pack
Beautiful Blue Infinity Roses


Black is an incredibly versatile colour, and many associate it with elegance, sophistication and sensuality. It is bold, powerful, and a bit mysterious and will make your floral composition fit perfectly in any environment while exalting the natural beauty of your roses.


In Western cultures, white is often associated with virginity and purity but can also represent peace, humility and innocence. The Roses in a white hatbox are the ideal wedding gift, a long-lasting memory only Earth Friendly Flowers can offer.

Blue is a serene and calming colour representing harmony, unity, and trust. Royal blue first became famous thanks to Queen Charlotte, who heavily incorporated it in her wardrobe.

4. Celebrate your Special Occasion with the Right Arrangement

The roses arrangements are the perfect gift to give and receive at special events. No matter the occasion, Earth Friendly Flowers will always make a beautiful gift, but preserved roses can make your dearest memories last for years. Below you'll find some tips to navigate the colour, material, and size options and choose the right arrangement for every occasion.

Captivating Earth Friendly Flowers presented in a bold grey box, against a rainy window
Exquisite Champagne Infinity Roses

Bright Red Roses for Romance

The most apparent box and flower colour for romantic occasions is bright red. That is because the relationship between red and romance is one of the most enduring and familiar traditions in flowers' history.

The dozen red roses styled in a luxurious round suede red hatbox is a perfect way to celebrate your anniversary or a romantic date.

Roses for Weddings

If you are looking for a beautiful wedding gift, remember that white arrangements are traditionally associated with this special day. The white rose is the bridal rose and symbolises the unity and purity of a new marriage bond.

Pair a white handmade cardboard box with stunning, crisp white roses to create the perfect wedding gift.

Preserved Rose Compositions for Birthdays

Rose compositions can be a stunning centrepiece for a birthday party, and a bright and colourful arrangement is the perfect way to send your birthday wishes. Rainbow roses are an unforgettable birthday statement and are available in a bright and pastel shade.

Roses for Mother's Day

Forever roses are an ideal present to show how much appreciation you have for your mother. Find out what her favourite colour is and make her day! You will indeed feel great with these magnificent roses, making her feel special.

Say Thank You

Roses are a classic gift to show gratitude. The best arrangements to express thankfulness are pink, peach, or yellow. They represent friendship and joy.

Get Well Wishes

When sending flowers to wish them a speedy recovery, you should choose a cheerful composition. These forever roses will instantly lift everyone's spirit.

Earth Friendly Flowers are a Luxurious Gift Like No Other.

You have the opportunity to create the perfect gift. Match the handmade hatboxes' size, colour, and shape with stunning preserved roses. Pick your box shape, colour, size, and the delivery option that best fits your needs. Your forever rose arrangement will remind your loved ones of your emotions for up to three years.

  • Divine Earth Friendly Flowers presented in a sophisticated average grey box - an excellent gift for all
  • Exquisite Earth Friendly Flowers shown in a luxurious pack in an average size, fitting any room sizes
  • Magical Earth Friendly Flowers  displayed in a standard package, giving you the ultimate gift for all
infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers

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