Pink Rebellion Dried Flowers - Jars

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Our collection of dried flowers is exclusively designed with seasonal and ethically sourced flowers straight from the grower, leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint. These dried flower bouquets last for years, making them the perfect sustainable alternative to fresh flowers. Each arrangement is beautiful gift wrapped, ready to place in your favourite vase.

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Bringing Pastel Pink into your home, the Pink Rebellion Dried Flowers in jars are bursting with vintage vibes straight from the 1920s. This dried flower collection brings fun, and bright pastel pink colours straight to your home.

With inspiration pulled direct from the Art Nouveau works that were prominent in the 1920s. Feathery pink Pampas sets the tone for this feminine Dried Flower arrangement. Reminiscent of the flapper outfits worn in the same era. Ruscus Bleached adds a muted element to these playful jars also.

The essence of the 1920s is one so powerful that it still lives on stronger than ever today and a century later, and Pink Rebellion combines the vintage aesthetic and the brand new together perfectly. Vintage comes in the form of our Spray Rose Pink, with immaculate shapes and everlasting beauty.

Pink Rebellion jarred dried flowers allows you to truly marvel at all the beautiful shades of velvety and pastel pinks in their element. This delicate arrangement was designed by our brilliant head florist Maria. She chose every stem with the utmost care to really bring that velvety Art Nouveau vibe to life. Completing the look with pale pink Infinity Roses and a spiky Fan Palm as a finishing statement.

The beauty of dried flowers in jars is that it allows you to spread the dried flowers out throughout your home with such sophisticated precision. Whether you desire to spread the dried flowers out through one household or multiple at once, this is truly the perfect option for you.

All our Dried Flower arrangements are sustainable through Fairtrade, and we get all our stems from B Corp farms in Ecuador. We then preserve them perfectly in time for all to enjoy for a long time with a 365-day guarantee. Not only can we guarantee that the dried flowers will maintain their beautiful appearance, but also, they’ll keep their marvellous scent for just as long.


Stems within:

Ruscus bleached – 1 stem

Mini pampas pink – 2 stems

Statice white large head – 1 stem

Nigella – 2 stems

Thistle pink – 2 heads

Phalaris pink – 7 stems

Spray rose pink – 2 stems

Broom pink – 1 stem

Responsibly sourced and cruelty free Fairtrade roses. We work closely with farmers to ensure our roses meet and exceed Fairtrade standards so we can bring you the highest quality roses.

We go further than just neutralising our carbon footprint; instead, we aim to produce more O2 than CO2 with every purchase, ensuring we leave a positive impact on our planet. Two tress are planted with each purchase as part of our global reforestation projects.

All orders are made-to-order to ensure we deliver the freshest roses. By holding zero stock, we produce zero waste.

Avoid direct exposure to light, especially sunlight.

Keep the flowers in a room temperature environment.

Gently brush to remove dust that may accumulate over time.

Don't put in contact with water, steam or any other substance.

Avoid frequently touching as the oils from hands can wear the preserved petals.

Keep the flowers in their vase as they are secure and happy there.