While no clients journey is ever the same, our dedicated team of florists work directly with you throughout the process. From talking about ideas and concepts to concluding final designs, our team guides you through every step.

1. The Brief

We conduct an initial consultation with you, known as a discovery call, where we find out more about your theme and particulars, such as your budget, how many arrangements you’re looking for etc. 

2. Inspirations

We next work on a specific mood board that fits in with your theme, showcasing the colour scheme and type of arrangements we have in mind.

3. The Design

Our florists work with our graphics and illustration team to create a proper visualisation of the arrangements, colours and stems our florists have in mind.  

4. The Proposal

We present our ideas back to you in a presentation, send out sample stems and give you a quote. 

5. The Curation

We then speak to our farmer who harvests all the required stems for the project, ensuring that we only harvest what we need and there are no stems left to waste as everything we do is made to order. These stems are then sent directly to us from our farm. 

6. In House Creation

Our in-house florists work directly with our Head Florist Maria to create the agreed upon, bespoke designs.

7. The Installation

Our team will come and build anything that can only be built on site along with styling and placing all the arrangements in their agreed upon locations.

At the end of every client journey, our team reflects on how every part of the process went, highlighting any areas where further improvements can be made.

In the event that you would like your flowers to be refreshed every season, or at a frequent time of your choosing, our team will look at your specific journey with us and highlight any parts that could be better the next time around. We strive to constantly be improving and learn from all previous installations that we've done.


We hope you consider us to be a part of your special event. If you do, please fill our online enquiry form below to organise a consultation with us.