The Happiness of Flowers

Have you ever wondered what it is about flowers that get people excited? Whether you're buying them for yourself or someone else, there's a certain joy we all feel when it comes to any dried or fresh bloom. Much like our method for taking ordinary flowers that last days to ones which last years, there is a scientific explanation.

Dried Flowers: Christmas Bouquet
Dried Flowers: Seasonal Collection

Flowers have always triggered the release of Dopamine

Long before the times, we could relish in the simple beauty of flowers, they were a reward for our ancestors. During the days of bitter winters, having enough to eat became everyone's top priority. Flowers were a sign that the desolate lands would soon be softening, allowing fresh food to be grown once more. It didn't take long before people began to associate the relief of seeing fresh flowers blooming and knowing that harder days would soon be behind them. The connection between flowers and relief from the extreme hardship of winter triggered the release of dopamine. Several studies have linked dopamine to the process of being rewarded. Even in today's world, where we no longer connect flowers directly with food. Flowers still bring us the same amount of happiness as they did our ancestors all those years ago.

But flowers were not only used to lift people's spirits. Without chemistry to rely on, all hunter-gathers had to use nature to try and make sure their diet was as balanced as possible. Over time, they noticed how each of the flowers radiant colours indicated the different nutrition available through the different land areas. Who knew something as simple as a flower could provide so much aid before science vastly accelerated our understanding?

Flowers have become much more of a decorative decision in the modern world. Flowers are not a necessity, yet they still trigger dopamine when we see them.

Starry Night - Preserved Flowers in a Bouquet by Amaranté London
A Bespoke dried flower bouquet

Communicating your feelings with Flowers Releases Oxytocin

Given the world we've all grown up in, it's no surprise that we love rewards in social situations. Oxytocin, otherwise known as the bonding hormone, creates a comfortable feeling of social trust. It's a feeling that can be hard to find and easily lost, which is why we're always looking for ways to stimulate it. Did you know something as simple and wonderful as flowers could be the answer?

Throughout history, flowers have always been used to help people communicate their feelings. If you love someone, you may give them an infinity rose. Or maybe you're trying to apologise for something so that you may gift someone with flowers. No matter the message you're trying to get across, persevered flowers provide the answer and create a social trust that stimulates oxytocin, making us feel good.

Flowers and the Importance of Relationships

Forever roses and dried flowers also help us remember the importance of relationships. We all have those days, or even months or years, where we have so much going on, it can be easy to neglect even the simplest relationships in our lives. By gifting someone important to you, even just a single flower, you demonstrate that you care and appreciate them. While we can communicate the importance of a relationship with any gift, flowers remind us to respect and appreciate the parts of life that are fragile, beautiful but can't last forever.

 Detalied view of a bouquet of dried flowers
Dried flowers bouquet with pink, purple and blue blooms

Flowers and Serotonin

Recognised by most within the context of antidepressants, previous studies have proven that serotonin is released when mammal's advance within their social circles. While many may not think that persevered flowers can advance this, there is proof that flowers of all kinds stimulate a sense of pride. Whether you grow flowers, buy them, or admire them, your brain produces serotonin and makes you happy.

Caring about your social importance can be something that many people would rather mention. Failing to stimulate your serotonin could lead to you feeling unhappy. You can trigger the production of serotonin in many different ways and for a vast number of reasons, but it can be hard to find ways to generate it that are socially acceptable.

Simply giving, receiving or just appreciating flowers can release the serotonin that your body needs, no matter if your preference is roses or a gorgeous bouquet of dried flowers