Extra Large Round Hat Box - Pink Suede

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Infinity roses are real fresh roses that have been preserved with our unique scientific method. Each rose is picked fresh from our Fairtrade farm in Ecuador and goes through a preserving process which ensures that each rose maintains its original texture and appearance, making them always appear fresh and smell incredible.

We create roses that retain all of their wonderful qualities so that you can enjoy them for years, not days. No maintenance or watering is required to keep their beautiful colour.







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Perfect in pink. Our extra-large round pink suede hatbox accompanied by infinity roses will bring a beautiful elegance to anyone who sees it. We offer you a bunch of colour-infused infinity roses in fourteen delicate colours, making them perfect for many events and people.

This array of jewel-toned Infinity roses are obtainable in a unique assortment to be displayed, with a variety of fourteen colours to choose from. Our forever roses are ethically sustainable through Fairtrade B Corp farming in Ecuador. With each graceful rose, we offer you, there is a representative message, representing expressive feelings and making them a customised gift that will catch your eyes.

Our idyllic infinity roses are offered in an ageless and silky suede, round hatbox. The box is 11"x9", and it contains a selection of 30-38 aromatic roses, varying from 2"-3" in diameter. We present you with a wide range of packs and boxes to pick from. Be sure that you will surely get a full box of dreamy roses to create a memorable experience from the unpacking to the display.

Decorated with a light brush tone, this tender pink collection is ideal for everyone, from family and friends to loved ones. Symbolising respect, and kindness, this product will be a wonderful choice for everyone and any occasion, from birthdays to graduations. This colour also allows you to express messages of innocence and health.

Our magical infinity roses can be adored by you or those who receive them for longer. They will stay in an impeccable form for up to three years as they are preserved in a sensible and scientific preservation method. You don’t need to water them or place them in direct sunlight to maintain their perfectly preserved appearance.

Being a sustainable business, we only source stems that are currently in season. Naturally, the size of rose heads does vary meaning that on a rare occasion, you may receive larger but fewer roses that are of a larger size or more roses of a smaller size. No matter what size rose heads will be used in your order, our florists will always ensure that your beautiful hat hox is full.    

Responsibly sourced and cruelty free Fairtrade roses. We work closely with farmers to ensure our roses meet and exceed Fairtrade standards so we can bring you the highest quality roses.

We go further than just neutralising our carbon footprint; instead, we aim to produce more O2 than CO2 with every purchase, ensuring we leave a positive impact on our planet. Two tress are planted with each purchase as part of our global reforestation projects.

All orders are made-to-order to ensure we deliver the freshest roses. By holding zero stock, we produce zero waste.

Avoid direct exposure to light, especially sunlight.

Keep the flowers in a room temperature environment.

Gently brush to remove dust that may accumulate over time.

Don't put in contact with water, steam or any other substance.

Avoid frequently touching as the oils from hands can wear the preserved petals.

Keep the roses in their box as they are secure there. Do not cover the roses with the lid as this may damage the roses.