The Best Flowers for Christmas and Beyond

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Christmas time flowers are something many strive to get perfect in the Winter time. Whether you are searching for something more traditional or not, we have compiled a new Christmas Collection that covers both spectrums for Christmas décor. Rest assured that if your angle is natural décor, that there are perfect, long-lasting options with flowers this Christmas season.

Walking into a Winter Wonderland

These White Wonderland Christmas time flowers are assortments both full to the brim with the spirit of Christmas. Each can just as easily be transformed into equally beautiful arrangements to be proudly displayed long beyond the Christmas season.

This bouquet of festivities is inspired by the favoured Bleached Haze collection, with an extra spin on nature thrown in for good measure. Bursting with shades of beige and white, allowing you to bring the frosty snow from the outside world right into your living room. Let it snow!

These Christmas time flowers consist of stems such as Ruscus Bleached, Pampas, Medium Fan Palm Bleached, Asparagus Fern Champagne, Cotton, Salix, Miscanthus, Phalaris Natural, Brunia, Nigella Bleached, Pine Cones (on sticks), Stypha, Date Jihat, and Statice. These stems bring this assortment to life in magnificent fashion. Feel the spirit of Christmas Time with Flowers that are a traditional feel for festivities.

A Wonderland with White Flowers in a large assortment
Frosty White Christmas Blooms 

The Festive Forest Dried Flower

Each Winter Forest bouquet harnesses the essence of Christmas with a burst of frosty colours. Take a trip down to the woods today with these one of a kind Christmas time flowers, shining with resplendent reds and good-looking greens in the winter sunlight all from the safety of your living room. These assortments are a more traditional take in the season. With the chosen colours dating far back throughout the history of humanity’s celebration for the birth of Christ.

Within these Christmas time flowers, you will find many festive stems. With Broom Red, Thistle Red, Protea, Carthamus Green, Helichrysum Red, Miscanthus, Medium Sun Palm, Sword Ferm, Eucalyptus Nicolii, Eucalyptus Parvifolia, Eucalyptus Populus, Asparagus Fern, Spray Rose, Phalaris Red, Green Bell, and Preserved Rose Wine. You needn’t go down to the woods to get a big surprise with these flowers! Enjoy the colourful majesty of Christmas from the safety of your warm home.

Large forest Christmas blooms, a bouquet for the winter
Forest of Winter Christmas Blooms

Preserved Flowers aren’t just for Christmas

The preservation process of dried flowers has come a very long way! These flowers have been procured through the process of Fairtrade B Corp farming in Ecuador. This ensures that not only are the highest quality of preserved flowers available to you, but you can also be assured that nobody is left wanting or needing more, and everyone gets fair treatment.

Beyond the farming process, let yourself be assured further that Mother Earth will not be harmed. With everyone giving gifts and receiving them too, the planet couldn't be left out of the celebration either. With every order made, two trees will be planted in return. This is to ensure that planet isn't badly affected by the simple action of picking flowers.

We gift the planet all year round with products made to order. There’s both so wastage and the Earth can keep producing wonderful flowers. With thousands of flowers planted already, we aim to reach one million trees planted by 2025, and millions more beyond! To infinity and beyond!

The Christmas time flowers are gorgeous assortments that harness the spirit of the celebration. But if you need something a little different, then browse our Dried Flowers collection for more options. Or, we have Infinity Roses for your pleasure!

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers 
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