Wedding Flowers for Every Season

Every special day deserves everlasting blooms

With our Wedding blooms, it's never been easier to start planning your wedding. No matter how early and no matter the season. We guarantee that our sustainable preserved flowers will last up to a year in perfect condition as the day purchased and, as a result, allows you to get your desired flowers well in advance of the special day.

Wedding Flowers for the Winter Wonderland

The winter is cold and dark, and finding the right wedding flowers for your wedding can be quite tricky. Luckily, we have options to choose from. Our Bleached Haze dried bouquet is both traditional and modern with shades of white and brown to compliment them. Traditional wedding flowers are the colours red and white; Bleached Haze is the perfect dried alternative.

Bleached Haze consists of Bleached Helecho, Pampas, Statice, Mini Natural Spear, Thistle, Gypsophila, Stipa pennata, Bleached Ruscus, and a statement Bleached Peacock Feather. As a result, winter and a snowy floral appearance for the bride are at the heart of this bouquet.

Bleached Haze Dried Flowers
Sustainable Large Bleached Haze Dried Flowers

Alternatively, the sustainable Adore You wedding flowers are ideal for bringing an extra sense of colour to your bridal walk. This wedding bouquet is bursting with love through the expression of deep dark reds, greens, purples, and even beiges.

This wedding bouquet features Pampas, Fan Palms, Preserved Red Roses, Dried Spray Roses, Thistle, Amaranthus, Red Broom, and Mixed Eucalyptus. The Adore You Wedding Flowers have inspiring gothic architecture at their core. With the spin of indulgent elegance to bring a passionate and adoring touch to your wedding day.

Adore You Dried Flowers in vase and jar
Different display looks for the Adore You Dried Bouquet

Wedding Bouquets for a Spectacular Spring

Throughout the long darkness of winter, then comes the shimmering light of the Springtime. The Lilac Skies Dried Bouquet is both vibrant and colourful. Varying shades of purple and blues, bound to burst with elegant energy as a companion for the bride and/or bridesmaids. The mystical purple feeling to show admiration, and what better way to show such love than with the Lilac Skies Wedding Bouquet

Lilac Skies consists of Eucalyptus, Thistle, Wheat, Lagurus, Lavender, Nigella, Limonium, and Papaver. Parisian architecture and the sweet smell of French Lavender is at the very heart of this wedding bouquet. Designed with many pastel shades of lilac, this bouquet will complement the bride with stunning darker indigo foliage.

Lilac Skies Dried Flowers
Lilac Skies - A gentle and loving Wedding Bouquet

A second option that will complement the bride is the Paradise wedding flowers. The Paradise bouquet explodes with bright light colours that effortlessly emit the feeling of Springtime. Erupting like a rainbow with pastel greens, pinks, and beiges, this bouquet does not hold back in vibrancy.

The Paradise bouquet of dried flowers consists of Coloured Broom, Craspedia, Phalaris, Lagurus, Thistle, Statice, and Hill Flower. This bouquet is inspired by the bright neon tones of 1980s floral trends, with clashing colours and textured florals. Paradise is the perfect companion piece for a bride making a special statement, and with the psychedelic colours, the statement will be noticed.

Medium sized Paradise bouquet Dried Flowers
Pink Paradise Bouquet displayed in a large jar

Wedding Flowers to make the Summer Shine

For a bride getting married in the summertime, few wedding bouquets scream the feeling of summer more so than Summer Heat. This bouquet is nothing short of flaming fiery in tone with deep reds, yellows, and oranges that are accompanied perfectly by some dark greens that bring these wedding flowers to life in flaming fashion.

Summer Heat consists of Carthamus, Achillea, Phalaris, Babla, Coloured Broom, Helichrysum, and Red Lagurus. With inspiration direct from the warming colours of the summer season, these preserved flowers bring bright excitement to your wedding day. Midcentury 1970s lively warm colour palettes have also been a heavy source of inspiration for this collection. What is dead may never die, and Summer Heat preserves the vibe of the 70s timelessly.

Dried Flowers: Summer Heat
Summer Heat Dried Flower Bouquet

Pink Rebellion is a very different type of summer wedding bouquet with inspiration directly from the 1920s era of glamour. With a mixture of pastel and velvet pinks, these wedding flowers will stand out with confidence as they accompany the bride down the aisle. This floral arrangement is also ideal to accompany bridesmaids as well, whether the bride walks with Pink Rebellion herself or not.

This glamourous wedding bouquet consists of Fan Palm, Nigella, Pink Broom, Pink Thistle, White Statice, and Preserved Roses. Together these stems bring to life the further inspiration of Art Nouveau with their delicate fluffy flower arrangement. The 1920s was a century ago, but the glamourous style lives today stronger than ever.

Pink Rebellion Dried Flowers
Pink Rebellion Preserved Flowers in jars

Wedding Flowers for an Awesome Autumn:

Urban Jungle is admittedly an unconventional choice for an autumnal bouquet, but we pick it as an option with full confidence. This bouquet of wedding flowers is both loud and expressive with its wild sense of nature, it contrasts the bursting colours of Autumn in magnificent fashion. Inspired by a wonderful combination of Baroque architecture and earthy wildness, this wedding bouquet makes a statement with ease as if born to do so.

This wild wedding bouquet consists of Black Broom, Peacock Feathers, Protea, Fan Palm, Trailing Amaranthus, Wheat, Craspedia, and Thistle. This maximalist bouquet of preserved flowers is not for the faint-hearted and is one that channels the very energy of Mother Nature.

Urban Jungle Dried Flower Bouquet in vase
Urban Jungle Dried Flower Bouquet - the full picture

A wedding flower collection that channels the essence of Autumn is the Fallen Leave bouquet. This one is a cosy and warm dried bouquet with welcoming energy, one you can trust. With bursting dark yellows, oranges, reds, and greens; these preserved flowers will bring the beauty of the outside Autumn down the aisle of your wedding ceremony.

These uplifting wedding flowers consist of Achillea, Carthamus, Helichrysum, Red Broom, Pampas, Protea Orange, Lagurus Natural, and Lively Craspedia. Together they emit a warming feeling as the cold draws closer and closer. The Fallen Leaves wedding flowers is a cosy bouquet for the wedding day that will bring intimate comfort for any bride.

Fallen Leaves Bouquet in jars
Fallen Leaves Dried Flowers in jars

Sustainable for Seasons

No matter the season, all our wedding flower bouquets are sustainably preserved and last much longer than the fresh-cut flower alternative. While fresh flowers wither and die within weeks, we guarantee that our preserved floral arrangements will last up to 365 days, so it's never too early to your wedding bouquet. In addition, we source our stems especially from our Fairtrade B Corp farms in Ecuador.

All our bouquets are made to order, so there's no waste, and everything used is recycled and further recyclable. We care for the planet, and we match every order and double it by planting two trees back. This is part of reforestation programs. We've planted thousands of trees, and with your help, we aim to plant one million trees by 2025.

Browse our full collection of preserved floral arrangements to find the perfect wedding bouquet just for you.

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