Wedding Flowers for a Traditional Wedding

A wedding is always a day to celebrate the union of two people who love each other dearly. Many people choose to follow tradition with a white bridal dress and a bouquet to follow suit. Here at Amarante we embrace tradition with many different bouquet options for both Forever Roses and Dried Flowers to choose from.

Tradition in Weddings

Tradition can be viewed as outdated and generally have a bad reputation, but we disagree. It can also be done with a modern spin, and here at Amaranté we respect tradition. Our Forever Roses and Dried Flowers are traditional and beautiful. White, beige and red are usually the traditional colour for wedding roses. We have many variations perfect for weddings.

A traditional wedding follows the themes of a bride in white, with warm feeling flowers to help express the union of a bride and groom. Our Forever Roses are the ideal Wedding Roses, coming in traditional colours of white, beige, pink and red. We believe tradition is something to be respected when it comes to weddings. To follow suit, we have the ideal Roses to respect tradition.

Red Wedding Roses in White Round Hat Box
Red Wedding Roses in a white hatbox display for a traditional day

Wedding Roses

Our Forever Roses come in fourteen different colours to choose from. Our Rose Boxes will bring sophistication and beauty to the special day. Our boxes of Forever Roses come packaged in sizes of small to extra-large, with boxes round, square and acrylic. Boxed roses tend to come in specific shades of traditional red and white, unless specified otherwise. If you wish to cut away from tradition, perhaps our blog on standout weddings is for you.

A wedding with our Rose Boxes will allow you to remember the beauty of that loving union for years not days after your wedding. Whether you may be the bride, groom, bridesmaid, best man, or even a guest; a wedding rose is the perfect expression of love. Rose Boxes are the perfect filler for any buttonhole, and the perfect companion for a complete corsage. With fourteen differing colours and shades to pick from, the perfect expression of love through a Wedding Rose is inevitable.

Wedding Flowers

If Wedding Roses are not the desired route to go down, then Wedding Flowers are the perfect alternative. A bouquet of Dried Flowers are the perfect Wedding Flowers with such a wide range to choose from. Wedding tradition is not exclusive to Wedding Roses, Wedding Flowers are just as traditional.

Vintage Bloom is perfect for tradition with an arrangement designed in a bridal shade of white with cream and pink to compliment the wedding bouquet. With just the right amount of colour and varying dried flowers, the beauty of this wedding flower bouquet is one to compliment the bride in white perfectly.

For another traditional looking option, why not check out the Bleached Haze Wedding Flower bouquets. Coming in an appearance of a quite literal bleached haze, the bouquet is yet another brilliant option for a bridal aisle walk. With an appearance of that harkens back to that of the 1950s, it’s hard to get any more traditional for Wedding Flowers that a bouquet of Bleached Haze.

bleached haze wedding flowers
Large Bleached Haze Dried Flowers

Roses in a Hatbox

The Rose Boxes come in a beautiful suede finish ranging from grey, blue, black, red, pink, and beige. These beautiful suede wedding rose boxes are the perfect decoration to complete the look of a wedding of tradition. Amaranté Forever Rose Boxes also come in a plainer but high-quality box option that comes in both round and square hat box options. The final form of packaging for our wedding roses come in an acrylic box. These can be for as little as a single forever rose for a sense of magical romance. The acrylic boxes are perfect if you wish to preserve the memory of the special day with a preserved wedding rose to hold the memory forever frozen in time.

Wedding Flowers have a different aesthetic to the Wedding Roses entirely. Our wedding flowers come packaged in more traditional flower decoration looks. Vases and jars are predominantly what we use for our Wedding Flowers, without the need for watering due to ours being dried flowers. Preserved time from everything down to the very fragrance flowers emit.

Carbon Negative Flowers for your Wedding

Here at Amaranté London we are carbon negative. With every single order we plant two trees back for every one plant taken. Our aim is to give back twice as much as taken, with an aim of planting one million trees by the year 2025. These forever roses and dried flowers are farmed through B corp. This is practiced so that we do not harm the planet, while simultaneously bringing you the highest quality options for wedding roses and wedding flower bouquets.