Wedding Flowers for a Wedding Day Like No Other

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While traditionally themed Wedding Flowers is commendable, a theme of something a little more standout is also a nice option. Tradition isn't for everyone, and perhaps you even desire to make a statement on your wedding day. You can always rely on the colours of a traditional wedding bouquet. Still, we have a wide range of wedding roses and wedding flowers as a good alternative to tradition.

Flowers with an Outstanding Vibrancy

For a wedding day, you might find yourself needing a wedding corsage, or a wedding buttonhole rose. With such an occasion, we have the perfect option for you. A Sole Rose in an acrylic box that comes in a variety of fourteen different colours. With such a wide variety of colours to choose from, you needn't go for traditional, especially with a colour for every emotion.

Stand out at a wedding. Why not complete your look with a Lavender Rose for your corsage or to fill a buttonhole. Lavender Roses stand for both mystical energies and the feeling of royalty. Of course, these are interpreted differently by the individual. After all, why should a beautiful wedding rose be limited to just royalty? Why not wear one to bring the royalty with you instead. Be royalty yourself. However, if the mystical meaning is closer to your interpretation, wear a rose with a sense of mystical energy. Bring the mystic through a single Wedding Rose.

Single Lavender Infinity Rose
A unique Lavender Wedding Rose to make a statement

A Wedding Rose Bouquet Like No Other:

For a different Wedding Rose bouquet choose from fourteen different colours to create the perfect amalgamation. For example, a Large Square Rose Box in Blue Suede with Mint Green Roses to match them in beautiful majesty. To mark a new beginning, this light Green is the perfect colour Wedding Rose to express this new exciting chapter. The Amaranté delicate Green Forever Rose is great to say how grateful you are to be present for the marking of it.

A Mint Green Wedding Rose to mark a new beginning

However, if you feel the need to express a brightness on a Wedding Day, the yellow Wedding Roses in suede blue hat box compliment each other perfectly. Bright Forever Roses as Wedding Roses will stand out in a unique way. Yellow is the colour of friendship, and what better way to show friendship than with a bouquet of bright yellow Wedding Flowers.

A Memorable Wedding Flower Bouquet like No Other

Dried Flowers are a great option for unique variation at a wedding and noticed among the crowd as well as making a statement. A bouquet of Dried Flowers is far from traditional. Wedding roses are typically seen to be the most popular form of Bouquet for such an occasion. However, that doesn't mean that Dried Flower Bouquets aren't perfect. A bride is guaranteed to be noticed in a marvellous standout fashion with a Dried Flower Wedding Bouquet.

The Lilac Skies collection is the perfect bouquet that will guarantee memorable moments. Being both gentle and expressive simultaneously, with a vibrancy to be remembered long after the special day. A Lilac Skies Wedding Bouquet will guarantee you a unique look comparable to no one. This bouquet consists of flowers stems such as Eucalyptus, Thistle, Wheat, Lagurus, Lavender, Nigella, Limonium, and Papaver.

 Lilac Skies Dried Flower Bouquet - Amaranté Forever Flowers
Lilac Skies - A gentle and loving Wedding Bouquet

Another excellent Bouquet is the Sunshine collection. The flower stems in this Bouquet are Eucalyptus, Gypsophila Yellow, Achillea, Wheat, Helichrysum, Craspedia, Lagurus, Mini Spear Green. This Dried Flower bouquet is undeniably standout and memorable. With such vibrant colours, a Sunshine Dried Flower Wedding Bouquet is one that will bring eternal happiness on the wedding day and long beyond.

Preserve the memories of your special day through a Sunshine Collection bouquet of sustainable Dried Flowers. Bring the happiness of sunshine no matter the weather on that special day to claim your own with a Sunshine Wedding Bouquet.

So Much to Choose From

We at Amarante London have a wide variety of Dried Flowers to pick from, there's something for everyone. However, we'd never leave you without a breakdown of some Dried Flowers that are perfect options for your Wedding Bouquet.

A bouquet of Fallen Leaves is bursting with colour, it is impossible not to notice it. Therefore, it is the ideal Wedding Flower bouquet in order to attract attention like no other. Fallen Leaves is bursting with vast variations of colour and shades to perfectly balance elegant warmth, demanding to be heard.

Down To Earth Fallen Leaves Floral Arrangement
Bursting with colours and shades, the warmth of a Fallen Leaves Wedding Bouquet in perfection

A Final Word about Wedding Flowers by Amaranté

Here at Amarante we don’t discourage traditional Forever Roses and Dried Flower Bouquets. Instead embrace both tradition and the desire to be different. We hear all desires, whether it be traditional or not. Furthermore, we have all manner of Wedding Bouquets to pick from. There's something just right for everyone, no matter the desired vibe.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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