The Best Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Historically, on a wedding anniversary, a couple presents each other with a thoughtful wedding gift. While the gifts will depend on how extravagant the couple are with gifts, what better way to say you care than with the perfect wedding anniversary flowers? Our selection of beautiful wedding anniversary flowers are ones that can be adored for years.

No matter the anniversary, get inspired by stunning flowers that never fail to shoe your partner just how much you love them.

Illustrious Red

Nothing has ever said I love you more than an exquisite bunch of gorgeous red roses. For this kind of occasion, red roses make the perfect anniversary gift. Treat your significant other to a charming rose filled hatbox, perfect no matter which anniversary you are celebrating.

Red Infinity Roses
Beautiful suede box of red infinity roses
Or maybe you’d like to combine some wedding anniversary flowers with another gift? Our equally luxurious acrylic boxes provide the perfect opportunity for you to hide another beautiful gift, like a ring or even a necklace, within your flowers. Can you imagine anything more perfect than a stunning rose with an equally lovely ring hidden within its delicate petals?

Although roses are the most romantic flowers, they will never be to everyone’s taste. If roses won’t do the trick, why not indulge your loved on with the timeless bouquet Adore You? As ruby and rich as a single rose, Adore You is the perfect bouquet to show you still love and care as much as you did on your wedding day. Perfect for any wedding anniversary, these flowers will last for year, meaning they can be adored year after year. 

Red Infinity Roses available in all sizes
Beautiful red infinity roses available in a vast range of sizes

Wicked White

When searching for the perfect wedding anniversary flowers, why not go back to the basics? Choose a bouquet that’s as light and picturesque as the colour everyone thinks about at the word wedding? Although white may not be the obvious choice, what better way to help remind you both of how amazing your special day was?

Available in hatboxes of all sizes, dazzling white rose are the ideal gift to remind your loved one just how much they still mean to you.

White Infinity Roses
Beautiful square box filled with White Infinity Roses

But if you’re looking for wedding anniversary flowers that are slightly more subtle, why not choose a Bleached Haze bouquet. Although inspired by dried flower fields, this stark white arrangement would be ideal to tell someone you love them, no matter the season. Plus, if you happened to have an outdoor wedding, what better reminder of how amazing your special day was than a wedding anniversary bouquet designed to bring the outside into your home.

Bleached Haze Dried Flower Bouquet
Stark white Bleached Haze dried flower bouquet

Magnificent Purple

For those who just don’t vibe with the colour red, unless it’s a very special occasion purple has become a very popular alternative. With both light lavender and deep rich purple to choose from, there are ample opportunities to show someone you love just how much you really care. But how do purple flowers make the perfect anniversary gift? Lavender is renowned for being completely enchanting. No matter the arrangement, the airy, elegant touch that lavender has is one that will be cherished in any part of any home. Gift your partner a beautiful hatbox, perfect to prove how much you’re still as charmed by them as you were on your wedding day.

Lavender is also recognised for being the colour that symbolises love at first sight, making it the ideal choice for those who just knew from the very first time they saw each other that they were meant to be. No matter if you select a large square box or a small acrylic one, treat the one you love to a gift that will make your love clear and timeless.

Dark purple also sends very similar messages to that of lavender. Associated for decades with high-class royalty, make your significant other feel like the most adored King or Queen. Treat them to the most luxurious hatbox, filled with stunning deep purple infinity roses, that they can adore for years.

Purple Infinity Roses
Deep rich royal purple infinity rose

Or for a dried flower alternative, our Lilac Skies bouquet would also make the ideal wedding anniversary gift. This arrangement effortlessly combines a spectrum of equally stunning purple flowers, brought together for a glorious bouquet. Make your partner feel as special as they did on your wedding day with wedding anniversary flowers that can be loved and displayed for years in any part of the home.

Lilac Skies Dried Flower Bouquet
Light and bright Lilac Skies bouquet

No matter if you’re celebrating your first wedding anniversary or your 30th, make the day as special as your wedding with the wedding anniversary flowers that will be as loved on your anniversary as they will years down the line.

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