Nine reasons why Forever Roses are a gift like no other

Amaranté London Forever Roses in a in jewelry box
Amarante Infinity Roses in jewelry box

For centuries, roses have been a symbol of love and affection, used by many to communicate their emotions to friends, family, and loved ones. Forever Roses are wonderful real, preserved roses that make for unique, long-lasting gifts. Amaranté creates breath-taking preserved rose arrangements packaged in handcrafted hatboxes that will delight your loved ones for at least one year. With each order handmade specially for you, you can rest assured your gift will be unique, no matter the occasion. But there’s more to our infinity roses than one-of-a-kind luxury. At the heart of our brand is our unique commitment to helping the environment by supporting Fairtrade rose farming and sustainable business practices.

  1. Everlasting luxury

    Forever roses remain a unique gifts that will remind family and friends of your emotions for years, not days. At Amaranté, we follow a scientific preservation process that guarantees our real Ecuadorian roses maintain their gorgeous look and fresh smell for at least one year.

    We use no harsh chemicals, but only natural wax to replace our flowers' natural sap. Once our preserved roses have been processed, they require no watering or pruning and may be lightly dusted if needed. If left in their original packaging without being moved or touched, Amaranté London preserved roses will last for up to three years.

    By lasting longer, forever roses become far more memorable gift than fresh-cut roses. Fresh flowers are beautiful presents, but require maintenance and watering and rarely stay fresh for more than a week: when you give fresh roses as a gift, you know they will inevitably become waste in a matter of days.

  2. A gift for every occasion

    No matter the occasion, flowers will always be the perfect, universal gift. A luxury suede hatbox of preserved roses is the staple present to give and receive on special occasions. It is well-known roses have the power to make those who receive them feel loved and special. Amaranté infinity roses can make these feelings last for years.

    Our customers love to surprise their spouses and partners with our beautiful roses on Valentine's Day or wedding anniversaries. Our flower arrangements are a versatile gift for all occasions and are available in various sizes, colours, and box combinations. Whether for a birthday, Mother’s Day, professional milestone, or just because, our forever roses are a unique gift and always a pleasure to receive.

    Ping Forever Rose in a box -
  3. The right flower for everyone

    Unlike other gifts, roses have the unique ability to please everyone. Arranged in elegant handcrafted hatboxes, our forever roses are not just a special gift for spouses and partners. They are also excellent for connecting with family members and friends.

    Choosing a gift for someone you do not know well can sometimes be difficult. Our everlasting roses are perfect even when you need a gift for acquaintances or colleagues. Everyone loves receiving flowers, and we have created a rich selection of preserved rose arrangements to meet everybody’s taste.

  4. Say it with a rose

    Anything you want to say, you can say with a rose. The symbolism of roses is unique and includes love, affection, admiration, sympathy, and gratitude. We offer preserved roses in a wide selection of colours, so that you can communicate just what you have in mind.

    Whether you want to surprise your special someone with an unforgettable gift or simply want to let a friend know you are thinking of them, Amaranté has you covered.

    Single Forever Red Rose in acrylic box
    Single Forever Red Rose in acrylic box
    Pink Forever Roses in jewelry box
    Pink Forever roses in acrylic jewelry box
    Yello Forever Rose in acrylic box
    Single Yellow Forever Rose in acrylic box
  5. One-of-a-kind, customizable arrangements

    At Amaranté, we handcraft each infinity rose arrangement to order, so you can be sure your gift will be unique and fully customized. You can choose from a selection of elegant box and rose colours, including bright and pastel rainbow.

    All our boxes are made of fully recycled and recyclable cardboard, elegant brushed suede, or acrylic. Amaranté’s packaging is handmade and available in a square or round shape.

    Our products ear available in multiple sizes: single-rose, small, medium, large, and extra-large. By selecting the size of your forever rose box, you can easily find the right gift for any budget or occasion.

  6. Luxury that doesn’t cost a fortune

    Infinity roses are luxurious gifts that will surprise whoever receives them, without breaking the bank. In fact, preserved flowers are a far more cost-effective alternative to their fresh counterpart. This is especially true around holidays, such as Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, when demand and prices for traditional flowers surge.

    If you are looking to gift a dozen arranged fresh roses on Valentine’s Day, you could spend from £45, at a local corner flower shop, to £75 at a high-end florist. Although they are beautiful gifts, fresh-cut roses typically perish within two weeks.

    At Amaranté, a dozen forever roses arranged in our medium round hatbox start at £99. We guarantee that your flowers will maintain their gorgeous look and fresh smell for at least a year, with no effort.

  7. Reach anyone, anywhere in the world

    Preserved Roses produced by Amaranté London do not fear travel. Thanks to our online presence, you can shop Amaranté products at any time, no matter where you are. We will make sure your gift safely reaches its destination anywhere in the world.

    Once you place your order, our team will handcraft and carefully package your arrangement. Please, consider placing your order in advance as all products are created to order and take 1 to 2 business days to finalize.

    White and Pink Forever Roses in a box
    Forever Roses in a box in white and pink
    Red Forever Roses in grey suede hatbox
    Forever Roses in elegant suede hatbox
    Forever Red Roses in jewelry box
    Red Forever Roses in acrylic jewelry box
  8. The best roses in the world

    When buying roses at your local flower shop, you rarely have any guarantee about their origin. Amaranté brings you the highest-quality roses by sourcing them from sustainable farms in Ecuador.

    Thanks to its proximity to the equator, this country is blessed with the ideal climate to grow some of the world's best roses. Ecuadorian roses are famous worldwide for their wonderful smell and large size. They are also well-known to last longer and offer brighter colours.

  9. Forever Roses are a unique gift that keeps on giving

    Amaranté London Forever Roses are not just a luxurious gift for someone special. In fact, every time you purchase one of our preserved flower arrangements, you actively help us protect the environment.

    All our Fairtrade Forever Roses are certified and produced following rigorous environmental and social standards. We are, to date, the only company in the industry to receive this certification.

    To honour our commitment to minimising our products' carbon footprint, we chose to work with farms in Ecuador, where we can grow our flowers naturally, with no carbon-intensive lighting or cooling systems. We also avoid air transport and ensure we plant more than we pick to neutralise our roses' carbon emissions.

    Amaranté guarantees farmworkers are compensated fairly for their labour. This helps ensure all roses are grown without the use of harsh chemicals in safe work conditions. By partnering with Ecuadorian farmers, we support the country's economic and social development, including in the healthcare, education, and welfare sectors.

    Your gift can make a difference

    Choosing to purchase Forever Roses from Amaranté London will make those who receive them very happy and help reduce the environmental impact of the fresh flower industry. Greenhouse-grown roses dramatically contribute to global warming and become waste in less than two weeks. Our gorgeous Fairtrade Forever Roses are an eco-friendly, everlasting option that will remind that special person of your emotions for years, not days.

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