Infinity Roses: Balancing Nature And Sustainability

Some moments last forever. No, really, they do! That one special summer holiday from our childhood, the early sense of achievement when graduating college or university, the day we marry that special someone. Our minds and hearts remember the way we feel. They encapsulate memories based on strong emotions.

Nevertheless, life is best lived by a day by day kind of attitude. It is the trust we put in its course on most days that makes it really enjoyable. While living constantly in connection with nature has a positive impact on our everyday lives, why would it not have on those unique occasions? Amarante’s infinity will give your wedding an excellent balance between nature and sustainability. Ethically farmed, preserved to last beyond that special day and available in multiple colours, our roses are both practical and stand out aesthetically. They will add that special touch to all the meticulously planned details that make your weddings atmosphere.

A Channel For Expressing Your Feelings

Journeying across the 14 colours our eco-friendly roses come in, will give you enough food for thought. They will complement the rest of the decorations, and help build that unique atmosphere.  While the emotions colours evoke differ from person to person, here are a few suggestions on what some in our selection might transmit. But feel free to interpret for yourself! Wine & Royal Blue. Ideal for more elegant events, our wine & royal blue hues are a slightly darker variation to your typical red or navy roses. Widely associated with love and respect, any of the two would be great in combination with either of our white or champagne. White, Lavender & Champagne. Frequently attributed to the spring season, the colour lavender evokes feelings of calmness. Definitely an option worth considering for your wedding bouquet. Combine it with the classic and pure colours of white & champagne, and your floral arrangements are bound to subtly stand out.

Red Forever Roses in acrylic jewellery box
Red Forever Roses are a classic and long lasting option for your wedding

Hot Pink & Red. No tone screams love and passion more than these two. Be it a classic red rose assortment, or a slightly stronger pink one, they would suit all floral arrangements such an event would require. Mix them up with royal blue for the more elegantly themed wedding. Otherwise choose either one of the white or champagne tones to emphasise the strength of the tone.  Take a look at our full range of forever roses, and decide which suit your wedding best.

A Versatile Choice 

Going through the long list of preparations, you will find that any practical way of saving time is not to be ignored. The enduring charm of our forever roses would find their place equally well around the marriage ceremony.  Decoration wise, they would make beautiful wedding centrepieces and go as far as being put together like a floral arch. Yet, we would encourage you to be as imaginative as possible and whenever needed, we are here to help. Get in touch if you need a touch of inspiration or advice on how to implement your arrangement ideals. 

Choose them as the wedding buttonhole or corsage accessory to be worn. We're sure your guests will be left with a friendly reminder. Being preserved, our roses are bound to stay long after your wedding for another few years. And make you rejoice that special day together with your close ones.  The Bouquet. Or yes, the single most crucial wedding floral arrangement.

It's not every day that you walk that walk, joining up your life with the person you love the most. Overwhelming as I might seem, it will be fine. You will manage! For everything flower related, we have you covered. Put together a beautiful wedding bouquet from our infinity roses, and we can assure you that your choice is both eco-friendly and you will have the flowers a few years as a reminder. 

Considerate For the Planet

It's no secret that flower farming and shipping are detrimental to the environment. On the other hand, the benefits of artificial flowers for large scale events are obvious. Having said that, why sacrifice the natural feel and smell when you have our infinity roses.  The method we use to preserve the natural characteristics of your wedding roses also gives them a large enough lifespan to be enjoyed in your home. Sourced on our Fairtrade farm in Ecuador, we strive not to only reduce our emissions but create more O2 than the CO2 we produce.  For that, we plant two trees for every purchase made and strive to reach the target of one million trees planted by 2025. We wish to grow ethically together with our customers.

Moments That Stay With You

Infinity Roses used after your wedding
Infinity roses will stay with you after the wedding, and be part of your home

The beauty and excitement of your wedding day are there, so stay with Amarante. Your carefully chosen roses can find their place in your home after the event is over. Besides that, which of your guests, you think, won't like their fair share of perfectly kept roses? To have and to re-celebrate your fortune whenever the memory comes back to mind.  With appropriate care and maintenance (nothing too fancy) they will last a whole year, with the possibility of stretching to three. This piece of writing will give more details. The base of every wedding should be the love and support we feel on the day.

Yet, some elements put together the event and make it more enjoyable. Beautiful, practical and sustainable, our infinity roses might be that touch that makes everything feel a little bit more special. Our passion for delivering long-lasting natural flowers is what drives us ahead. The joy of seeing our sustainable harvest present in some of the key moments of people's lives is a reward in itself. How else could we wake up in a better world if it wouldn't be for the value we try to bring to others?

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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