Eco Friendly Gifts This Winter For Dear Ones

As we are slowly approaching the colder season, we want to ensure flowers brighten your home as brightly they would be in the summer months. We are becoming more aware of climate change and are moving towards an eco friendly society. We want to offer you some eco friendly sustainable gifts you can hold onto for years to come. Fresh flowers are hard to maintain, and it is tough to prevent them from fading. That's why our eco friendly sustainable gifts will be the perfect addition to brighten up any home this coming Autumn/Winter.

Take your pick out of our wide range of preserved flowers to decorate your home or to gift to a dear friend. We cater to many different aesthetics and styles, meaning we are sure you or your friend/family would adore something you or your friend/family. When in need of dried flowers as sustainable gifts, Amaranté is here to help. We do not use harmful chemicals or toxins to preserve our roses or dried flowers. Hence why we encourage our customers to buy our flowers as eco friendly sustainable gifts to help preserve our planet.

What Is It?

We have an array of options for you to browse through and pick from, from roses to dried flowers. Our roses are ethically sourced in Ecuador and we preserve them with a natural wax substance at the sap of the rose. Our procedure is what keeps our roses looking fresh and smelling beautiful for years. You can pick between fourteen amazing colours and a list of hatboxes that will protect your roses. Why not pick a Medium Beige Suede Hatbox or a Medium Acrylic Box to keep your roses fresh for eternity? When thinking of eco friendly gifts, Amarante London is at the top of the list.

Rustic Meadow Large in Vase
Rustic Meadow Dried Flowers in Large Size

If you prefer to buy dried flowers, then we have that for you too. Our brilliantly designed dried flower bouquets will add depth and definition to your home. Preserved flowers are the better option in creating a more sustainable society. Our florist has spent much time figuring out the best way to preserve our flowers perfectly. As a company, we have perfected our process and can guarantee you the eco friendly flowers you were looking for. Our preservation process is meticulously well planned and tested. The dried flowers collection we have is a must-have in your home.

Whether you are going for a simple elegant look like our Rustic Meadow or want to get into the autumnal spirit by purchasing Fallen Leaves for eco friendly sustainable gifts. We guarantee to have the perfect preserved flowers you are looking for. We put together with love and care every bouquet we make so you can have the best experience from the second you open your order. Order one of our sustainable gifts today. Our eco friendly products are the perfect sustainable gifts. 

Fallen Leaves Dried Flower Bouquet Close Up
Fallen Leaves Dried Flowers Close Up

Why Buy Them?

There is a list of benefits that come with purchasing eco friendly gifts. Alongside being kind to the planet we live on, it is the ability to bring nature into our homes in a way that will last years and not days. Dried flowers can fit any aesthetic you go with. They are versatile and adds that missing piece you need on your dinner table, shelf, or windowsill. It's important to us that we can offer you a wide variety of flowers that are eco friendly. This is why you will not feel limited or stumped for choice when looking through our products. Tell someone what they mean to you by giving them eco friendly sustainable gifts.

Why buy yourself artificial plants or flowers when we can provide you with long-term fresh flowers? You do not have to worry about your flowers fading away on your countertop, with petals falling away as each day goes by. Because our eco friendly dried flowers will not disappoint you that way. 

Amaranté is here to give you the option of preserved flowers as sustainable gifts. Every bouquet and hatbox we make, we make upon order; we do not make premade boxes or bunches to avoid wastage and stay true to our ethos as a sustainable brand. Give someone the gift of time with long-lasting sustainable gifts.

Pink suede hatbox with yellow infinity roses on bedside table
Yellow Infinity Roses in Pink Suede Hatbox

Order Today!

Go online today and browse through our preserved flowers. Once you have spent time familiarising yourself with our brand and products, it will be time to pick the one you want. We offer international delivery, no matter where you are. You can pick from Next Day, Same Day, or Standard delivery depending on what time you order. But don't worry, we will get your order to you as quickly as possible.

Choose from our wide range of payment options, and your hand-crafted bouquets will be in the making and on their way to you the second you click to order! Our eco friendly dried flowers come with a 365-day guarantee!

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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