Eco Friendly Flowers This Winter for A Warmer Home

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As Christmas approaches and the days grow shorter, it's essential to keep your home warm. That doesn't just mean higher heating bills! There's natural science behind flowers improving your mental health. They can combat seasonal depression.

It's been a dark few years. So why not brighten up your life with some earth friendly flowers?

There's a wide range of flowers to choose from. But here are a handful of bright and beautiful flowers that are sure to wow your friends and save the planet.

What Are Dried Flowers?

For a long time, humans have been trying to keep the beauty of environmentally friendly flowers alive. Since the Egyptians, flowers have been a symbol of life and the inevitability of spring. They are coming along just in time to end the dark, cold nights.

Preservation has come a long way since the pressing of flowers. And there is a multitude of different styles to choose from, depending on the cheering up your home needs.

 environmentally friendly flowers arrangement before it was cool!
Ancient Egyptian Water Garden With Lotus Flowers

A Rebellion Against Sadness

Pink Rebellion is an audacious denial of the darkness of winter. Instead, these bright, bold colours represent a break from the dim cold outside.

These flowers are arranged in the style of the 1920s. The Art Nouveau style inspired the design. The bold, bacchanal and free ideals of the 20s seep over these flowers.

They represent a bright new future! Far from the joyless struggle of the past couple of years. So raise a glass this New Year to rebellion!

The most righteous environmentally friendly flowers offered here
Pink Rebellion Flowers

Utopia in a Potted Plant

Paradise was a love letter to the inspired hope of the 80s when science fiction was writing about brave new worlds and hovercars.

Timeless in tone and bold in its statement, Paradise exudes class and style. It's certainly the kind of thing to make you forget about the cold for a while!

Embrace the clashing of colours and find yourself a psychedelic new house plant that'll last for years to come.

Environmentally friendly flowers remind us of a better world
Paradise Eco Flowers

Long Summer Evenings - In Winter!

This arrangement is the perfect Christmas Bouquet. Why? Because it has nothing to do with Christmas.

That might sound a bit weird, but it's the perfect way to break out of winter's dim colour scheme.

Winter colours are often blue and depressing. However, this set of flowers is magnificent in its defiance of the weather. Rain or sleet or snow, these flowers shine like nothing else.

Imagine a walk-through of long fields of wheat with this gorgeous flower bouquet.

Environmentally friend flowers for the whole year
Summer Heat Eco Flowers

Why Buy these Flowers?

There is a list of benefits that come with purchasing these gorgeous flowers. Alongside being kind to the planet, it is the ability to bring nature into our homes in a way that will last longer than days.

These flowers can fit any aesthetic you go with. They are versatile and add that missing piece you need to your dinner table, shelf, or windowsill.

But that's not all!

Unlike some, none of these flowers is preserved with harmful chemicals or toxins. Instead, only fresh, natural wax substances are used.

Choose long-lasting blooms for the perfect sustainable gift to help preserve the planet.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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