Dried Flowers for Long Sustainability

Fallen Leaves on the mantle

We take great care with our Dried Flowers. We strive to make sure our flowers are completely carbon negative by farming our flowers through B Corp. The environment is something we care for deeply, and we also care about them being sustainable for as long as possible.

Fallen Leaves for Autumn

Flowers and annual seasons go hand in hand, so picking the right Dried Flower Bouquet is dependant on the season. With Autumn around the corner, warm comforting colours come with them. To mark the beginning of Autumn Dried Flowers have these exact colours to make your home feel that bit warmer and cosier as the cold outdoors comes closer.

Fallen Leaves is the definitive option for Autumn Flowers. These Flowers emit the warm and cosy colours needed in this time, from the comfort of one’s own home. The outdoors is about to get colder and colder as the leaves on three begin to sport beautiful warm colours. One doesn’t need to see the beauty of Autumnal colours from the outside world with our Fallen Leaves collection.

Fallen Leaves Dried Flower Bouquet
Fallen Leaves Dried Flowers

If your favourite season is Autumn as well then you need not only see the beauty Autumn beholds at that time of year. Our Fallen Leaves bouquet is sustainable and lasts long beyond the lifespan of average flowers, and there’s no need to water our sustainable flowers.

They are beautifully preserved in time to enjoy for a long time to come. To ensure sustainability maintenance by dusting and keeping them out of direct sunlight is required. This is to ensure that sustainable flowers maintain their beauty for as long as possible.

Fallen Leaves, the full picture, sunshine to feel the summer heat.

Summer Heat is an excellent alternative for sustainability, with our Summer Heat Dried Flower bouquets emitting vibrant brightness. With the theme of our Sunshine bouquets being that of a bright yellow, it brings with it the feeling of summer all year round. You need not only experience the feeling of summer one season a year with the Summer Heat collection.

This collection is based on a theme of happiness through the sunshine to bring brightness even in the darkest of seasons. The Summer Heat Dried Flower bouquets are essential when yearning for the summer during the festive season. When halfway through the dark, the Summer Heat collection will remind you of the sunshine to come right around the corner.

A Sustainable Appearance

Our dried flower bouquets and what holds them come in many forms. To spread the desired vibe through your household the sustainable flowers in jars are the perfect route to go down. You needn’t experience the beauty of a bouquet in a single from by spreading the sustainable flowers out into jars to place around the household. This option not only allows one to enjoy sustainable Flowers in more than one place but also allows one to sustain these Preserved Flowers for an even longer period. By splitting them up into jars, the sustainability will be even longer through different circumstances of each room placed in.

Dried Flowers in jar
A Lively Appearance a Dried Flower Bouquet to be sustained for years

Beyond our jars, there are various sized vases to pick from for a larger bouquet to choose from. Our Dried Flower bouquets in vases are sustainable flowers. A large bouquet will of course require a little more maintenance due to the bouquet being larger than the Dried Flowers in jars.

The Importance Of Sustainability

The methods of maintenance for the sustainability of the Dried Flowers remain the same. Dusting every so often and ensuring the sustainable flowers remain out of direct sunlight to keep their beautiful appearance for as long as possible. Buying flowers constantly is a hassle and dangerous for the environment. Through using sustainable Dried Flowers, it is an eco-friendly alternative. These Preserved Flowers are sustainable because they remain beautifully intact long after the lifespan of a regularly watered flower.

Bleached Haze Dried Flowers
Sustainable Large Bleached Haze Dried Flowers

Sustainably Caring

However, they also farmed in an eco-friendly manner through B Corp means. To farm through the means of B Corp is to give back to the environment while bringing you the highest quality of sustainable flowers simultaneously. Not only do we take care when farming Dried Flowers, but we also strive to replant with every purchase. We care about our world as much as our love to bring you the best and beautiful sustainable flowers. The sustainability of these Dried Flowers is a vital component of our structure.

A Word from Us

It is a passion of ours to bring you both the highest quality of beautiful sustainable flowers. Ones that last for years to come. Another passion of ours is to ensure that through B Corp farming, we are also sustaining the environment.

Sustainability matters to us so that we can ensure we protect the environment while serving beauty. With every purchase we give back, through a joint effort we hope to make a difference while keeping quality. Together as one, we can achieve this.

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