Amaranté’s Infinity roses in a jewellery box: the perfect gift for a loved one

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Amaranté's infinity roses in a jewellery box: the perfect surprise for someone you love

A floral arrangement can instantly brighten up any space and bring a sense of serenity and joy to whoever receives it.

Whether you want to surprise a friend, family member, or your significant other, Amaranté has the right arrangement for any personality and occasion. Forever roses in jewellery boxes are versatile and one-of-a-kind floral arrangements that will make anyone feel loved and appreciated.

Our infinity roses in acrylic boxes aren't just excellent to display your gorgeous preserved roses.

In this article, you will find some ideas to help you delight the special people in your life, thanks to our forever rose acrylic boxes.

Infinity rose acrylic boxes

Amaranté offers you a unique line of acrylic jewellery boxes to perfectly complement our luxurious Fairtrade infinity roses. These clear boxes are ideal for displaying your beautiful infinity roses and for storing different kinds of accessories for both him and her. 

Each jewellery box comes with a clear lid, which will protect your forever roses from dust and damage over time. Our acrylic jewellery boxes also include a single drawer where you can easily store jewellery, watches, keys, makeup products, and other accessories.

Finally, we embellish each of our acrylic boxes with a satin ribbon for an extra touch of elegance.

Our forever rose jewellery box is currently available in three different sizes:

1. Acrylic sole infinity rose box

Giving a single rose in a jewellery box as a gift is a valuable yet straightforward sign of affection and appreciation. This unique sole infinity box is an exceptional gift for someone special and irreplaceable.

The number one usually symbolises confidence and power. A single rose jewellery box is a great option to celebrate special romantic occasions, such as a first wedding anniversary.

It is also an appropriate gift for a professional or personal milestone. This elegant acrylic jewellery box will remind your beloved one they have the power to achieve anything they wish.

2. Acrylic small infinity rose box

Depending on the number of roses, your arrangement will convey different meanings. Our small acrylic jewellery box contains four extra-large forever roses.

Our forever roses arranged in a square acrylic box are ideal for someone hardworking, reliable, and loyal. The straight lines of the box and the softness of the roses create a unique, elegant combination.

By giving this arrangement to your special someone, you'll communicate that you are looking for stability in your relationship and ready for a long-term commitment.

Moreover, the number four, which stands for wisdom and stability, will help you express that you value your partner's feelings and feel secure in your relationship.

3. Medium Rose Jewellery Box with nine Roses

Our medium-sized acrylic infinity box contains nine extra-large forever roses. This arrangement makes for the perfect gift on once-in-a-lifetime occasions and monumental achievements in life.

The meaning behind this arrangement comes from the number nine. In numerology, the energy of this number is related to the end of a cycle. The end of a cycle can represent the opportunity of embarking on a new journey.

The medium-sized rose jewellery box is the ultimate gift to celebrate the end of a transformative phase. This long-lasting forever rose arrangement will remind the person receiving it of a period characterised by wisdom and spiritual strength.

A versatile gift for both men and women

Single Red Forever Rose in acrylic jewellery box
Single Red Forever rose in acrylic box
Single Blue Long Lasting Rose in acrylic box
Single Blue forever rose in acrylic box

While flowers are a traditional gift for women, giving flowers to men has become increasingly popular in recent times. In fact, flowers are a universal way to express emotions such as love, gratitude, and appreciation.

Thanks to their versatility, our acrylic boxes are an ideal gift for men and women alike. While ladies can use these elegant boxes to store makeup and jewellery, men will be able to use them to display watches or as key holders.

An exceptional arrangement for any special occasion

We create each of our products to order. Whatever the occasion, you can rest assured there's a floral arrangement that says what's on your mind. You can completely customise your forever rose arrangements to let someone special know how important they are to you.

Below you'll find some examples of special occasions when giving one of Amaranté's luxurious acrylic box forever rose arrangements will make an unforgettable impression.

1. Celebrating achievements

Amaranté's acrylic infinity boxes are excellent to celebrate graduations or carrier promotions. You can choose among 14 different rose colours to perfectly match the occasion and preferences of the recipient.

Unlike fresh flowers, our preserved roses will remind them of their efforts and success for years, not days. In fact, they'll be able to enjoy these beautiful blooms for up to three years.

2. Birthday gift

A forever rose jewellery box is an excellent birthday gift. In fact, the packaging of the jewellery box comes with a single drawer that becomes a practical safekeeper for any kind of accessory.

If your beloved one loves jewels, you can complement a forever rose jewellery box with a brand new jewellery piece to create a special birthday surprise.

3. Romantic celebrations

For centuries, red roses have been a universal symbol of love and passion. These blooms are the most popular flowers to let someone know you are madly in love with them.

Anniversaries are great occasions to celebrate and remind your beloved one of your feelings for them. Our eternal roses arranged in a stunning crystal-clear acrylic box will create an unforgettable moment.

If you are thinking about a memorable proposal, you can embellish your forever roses with an elegant diamond pin. Amaranté's sole forever rose in a jewellery box will turn into a sumptuous box for your ring. 

4. "Thank you" flowers

Roses are also a classic gift to express gratitude. The best arrangements to show thankfulness are usually the ones in pink and yellow.

If you are planning a special surprise for a dear friend, Amaranté's preserved flowers will make a big impression. The packaging of our long-lasting preserved roses is specifically designed to keep the flowers safe while preserving their original beauty.

Moreover, the single drawer of the lidded jewellery box is perfect for carrying any chocolate or sweet delicacies you may want to surprise them with.


Amaranté's infinity roses in a jewellery box: an exceptional and sumptuous gift

Unlike other gifts, Amaranté's forever roses in a jewellery box can easily adapt to any occasion. Our stunning preserved roses will surprise whoever receives them. The elegant clear acrylic jewellery box is designed to serve as a versatile and elegant place to store your favourite items. These jewellery boxes will display the gorgeous features of your forever roses that will last for up to three years.

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